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Ace Solves It All - Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Services in Orlando, FL

You pay close attention to the lighting inside your home or business, but the lights illuminating the outside of the building have a major impact as well. Proper outdoor lighting can give your home or commercial building a fantastic new appearance and raise its value. You can also choose to enhance your outdoor lighting to improve security or increase the value of your property.

Whether you’re looking for landscape lighting, security lighting, parking lot lighting, or other outdoor lighting services, you’ll find everything at Ace Solves It All. Our experienced electricians will determine the most effective and energy-efficiency outdoor lighting solutions to accommodate your needs. We’ve helped homes and businesses in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas with their electrical essentials since 1994. Call us and discover more about what we can do for your outdoor lighting needs.

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Explore Our Numerous Outdoor Lighting Options

Our electricians are glad to go over the various choices available to you when it comes to outdoor lights. Below are a few to consider:

  • Landscape Lighting: Providing the right levels of illumination to the grounds around your house is an excellent way to increase its overall beauty and curb appeal. If you’ve put an immense amount of work creating a beautiful lawn or garden, why let it vanish under the cover of the night? With improved outdoor lighting, you’ll enjoy your house more, and you’ll also raise its value.
  • Security Lighting: Studies and police reports show that a well–lit house or commercial building is less likely to suffer from burglary or vandalism. Special security lighting goes a step further and activates through motion sensors to further deter intruders. Let our electricians wire your outdoor lighting for increased security that will make you feel safer.
  • LED Lighting: If you’re looking for a way to cut down on large electrical bills, arrange to replace your outdoor incandescent lights with LED (light–emitting diode) lights. These lights use only a sliver of the power of regular bulbs and they can last more than 10 times longer.

We Also Provide Parking Lot Lighting

For commercial business owners, we offer valuable parking lot lighting services. It’s vital to your business’ success to have a safely and attractively lit parking area for customers and employees. We offer the installation of a variety of sizes and styles of parking lot poles.

  • Our standard light poles measure from 25 feet to 45 feet, which are able to accommodate large parking areas.
  • We can also handle smaller lots with 12 to 16–foot poles.
  • We offer poles with ornamental touches and fixtures to complement and enhance the theme of your business, as well as add a touch of elegance.

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre parking area!

Find Out More about Our Outdoor Lighting Services in Orlando

We offer a wide array of outdoor lighting options for homes and businesses, such as deck and patio lighting. As with all of our electrical jobs, we provide a 5–year warranty for any of our outdoor lighting installations or repairs. It’s our goal to be your top choice when it comes to all the electrical work you may need, whether a full outdoor lighting retrofit or only a few small wiring repairs. You can trust us to take care of it all, done right the first time. Call Ace Solves It All today in Orlando, FL!

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