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Ace Solves It All - Indoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting Services in Orlando, FL

You may think of working with indoor lighting as nothing more complicated than changing a burnt-out bulb. But the lighting of your house is so much more than individual light bulbs. The mood and usefulness of your house depends on the right kind of interior lighting. When you’re looking to fix or improve your indoor residential lighting, you’ll need more than putting in some new bulbs. You’ll need to call on electrical professionals with experience handling everything from small lighting repairs to complete LED retrofits.

And that’s why you’ll need Ace Solves It All. We are electrical experts in the Orlando, FL area who tackle indoor lighting jobs of all sizes. Our team will help you find the best indoor lighting solutions that will make your house more beautiful, more convenient, more of anything you want. Call us now!

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Benefits of an Indoor Lighting Retrofit

Giving the indoor of a house a fresh new look doesn’t necessarily mean having to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars on a remodeling job. Sometimes all that’s essential is a retrofit for the lighting. Switching from harsh indoor lights that waste power and create a flat, unpleasant appearance to a gentler yet still effective new design can make an immense difference in your life.

You can also arrange for new lighting to serve specific purpose, such as task lighting, that will make your home environment more productive, even safer. You can expect to save money as well if you opt to have energy–saving LED lighting installed (see below).

Exploring Your Indoor Lighting Options

  • Track Lighting: Track lighting is a fashionable and elegant choice for opening up a room with a new lighting design. It’s also a cost–effective and energy efficient choice, and a fast job for professionals to install.
  • Recessed Lighting: If you don’t want hanging light fixtures that take up space and could potentially provide visual clutter, consider letting electricians wire you up with recessed lights. These lights offer a wide spread of soft and effective illumination.
  • Art Lighting: Also referred to as showcase lighting, this type of light helps accent parts of the room to draw attention and heighten attractiveness. You can use it for art, but also for bookcases or to create dramatic splashes of illumination on the walls.
  • LED Lighting: Incandescent lighting generates heat and also consumes a large amount of power. LED (light–emitting diode) lights offer an alternative. Not only do they release no heat, they only use a fraction of the power and can last up to 11 years before needing a replacement. A full–LED light conversion for your home will save you a tremendous amount of money and let you take stress off the air conditioning system.

Call Us Now for Your Indoor Lighting Services

The people you can trust for your indoor lighting services—no matter how large or small—are at Ace Solves It All. We have more than two decades of history with electrical work in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas. When you arrange for new indoor lighting, or replacements and repair work, we’ll provide you with many options that will meet your needs. If a section of your indoor lighting fails, you can look to us to fix it for you. Contact our staff today to find out more about our full complement of indoor lighting services.

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