Electrical Panels

The heart of the electrical system of your house is the circuit breaker panel (a.k.a. the electrical panel). This panel is the main switching station for the circuits that send electricity to the lights and appliances, and it guards your home from dangerous overloads by cutting off circuits when necessary.

If you have a circuit breaker panel that is either not working right or is outdated and unable to handle the rising electrical demands throughout the household, you must have the problem corrected as soon as possible. Like almost all electrical jobs, it takes licensed electricians to service an electrical panel.

The experts at Ace Solves It All in Orlando, FL are here to see that you receive the highest quality work your electrical panel needs, from complete upgrades to fast repairs and rewiring. Never take a chance when it comes to the electrical system of your home: let our electricians see that everything is done right and that your home is kept up to code.