Your Home Lighting Options

residential lighting options

One of the most important aspects of home decor is your lighting. Not only can lighting make or break the feel of a room, but the proper lighting can make for a more functional space. In order to combine form and function in your lighting plan, know your home lighting options.

Accent Lighting

This is the general lighting for your entire room. Typically, these fixtures feature soft light that appears as close to natural light as possible. Common ways to include ambient in your home include:

Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

These hang from your ceiling and shed soft light on your entire room. It’s best to use these with higher ceilings so no one bumps their heads on the light.

Track Lighting

This fixture features a series of several smaller lights that sit on a track that goes throughout the room. While these work well with all ceilings in most rooms, if yours are lower, chose lightbulbs that don’t shed too harsh of light on those in the room.

Task Lighting

As the name implies, this type of lighting accents task spaces, such as countertops and desks. It’s best to pair these with types of light that are a bit dimmer, so you don’t produce a high glare when you turn on your task lighting.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

This is very common in kitchens. Whether your lights are flushed with your cabinets or they’re attached to them, adding under-cabinet can help make certain spaces easier to work, cook, or read.

Accent Lighting

These types of lights are meant to accentuate certain areas or features of rooms. These lights can often change the tone or ambiance of a room, so they’re great to use when you want to achieve a certain vibe.

Spot Lights

If you want to highlight a piece of artwork or a specific wall in a room, spot lights do the job. They can be placed on your ceiling or wall and angled to brighten your desired area.

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