The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

With record-breaking heat waves, who’s even thinking of keeping up with their heating system maintenance? The truth is, most common heat pump damages occur when the system is first being used after a long period of inactivity. That’s because most people forget to keep up with regular care and maintenance, which slowly damages the internal system. To avoid being without heat when you most need it, take a look at your heat pump right now.

If you know that your heat pump needs an immediate tune-up, don’t hesitate to call Ace Solves It All, the local heating system and garbage disposal replacement experts serving Sanford, FL, and other nearby areas. Otherwise, grab some gloves and make sure your heat pump is in good shape by following our maintenance tips below. 

Why Do I Need to Maintain my Heat Pump?

Though most American households tend to ignore this chore routinely, heat pump maintenance is especially crucial in upcoming (hopefully) cooler months. If you’re looking to have a lower energy bill this winter, you have to ensure that your heat pump is running at maximum energy efficiency. When your heating system is as efficient as can be, it uses less energy to produce heat, which in turn gives you some extra holiday money. Not only that, but proper care and maintenance will also elongate your system’s lifespan. We know heating equipment is expensive, and taking some extra precautions every few months could really make your heat pump last a lifetime. 

What Will an Expert Look For?

During a check-up, our highly-trained technicians survey the following items to make sure your heat pump is in excellent condition: 

  • Check filters, ducts, and coils for any unwanted debris
  • Inspect refrigerant and ducts for any leakage
  • Determine the correct amount of refrigerant charge
  • Inspect whether electric terminals are working properly
  • Grease motor for smooth operation
  • Determine whether motor belts are in good condition
  • Check airflow for strength and quality

If you’re ready to give your heat pump the love and attention it deserves, call Ace Solves It All today. Our professional team of builders, electrical technicians, and HVAC experts will take care of all of your heating needs, so you’re ready to go for the winter. We also specialize in 24-hour plumbing services in Seminole County, FL, and other nearby areas for all your plumbing emergencies. 

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