The Essential Guide to Staying Safe in a Blackout

Generator for House

When there’s bad weather and your power goes out, you’re going to need a plan to keep your kids calm and your family safe. The key to doing that is being prepared in case of an emergency and having a plan. As long as you do that, staying safe in a blackout is a piece of cake.

The Essential Guide to Staying Safe in a Blackout

Have an Emergency Kit

Keeping certain supplies set aside in case of a power outage is important. You should keep several stashes of these items in your home:

  • Flashlights/Batteries: They work a lot better than candles, and they’re safer.
  • Radio: Listen for updates about when your power will turn back on.
  • Cash: ATM’s and credit swipes may down for a while if you made to make purchases.
  • Non-perishable food: Peanut butter, fruit snacks, bottled water, and meal replacement bars are good options.

Keep Your Food from Spoiling

Don’t open your fridge or freezer unless it’s necessary since this will let cold air out and make your food spoil faster.

Unplug Your Electric Devices

Whether it was your TV, computer, or another electronic device, unplug whatever was plugged in before the power went out. When the power comes back on, there may be a surge of electricity that could damage your devices.

Invest in a Generator

The real way to stay safe in a blackout is to not deal with one at all. By having a standby generator, you’ll keep your lights on, refrigerator running, and family comfortable.

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