Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

It’s no doubt that one of the best times of the holiday season are the days when everyone gathers at one house and you get to spend some real quality time with your family. Now, if yours is the house that everyone is coming to, you’re probably going to want to do a few things to prepare for incoming guests.

The Bathroom

During the holidays, your bathroom becomes the second most popular room of the house, right behind your kitchen. For starters, make sure to stock up on extra toilet paper, so no one is without. You should also provide your guests with extra towels in case they want to shower before dinner, and a few basic toiletries in case they forgot their own. Lastly, flush your drains to ensure guests won’t discover any clogs while using your bathroom.

The Bedrooms

If you’re having overnight guests, make sure that every sleeping area — a guest bedroom, a pullout sofa, or an air mattress — has fresh sheets and extra blankets. It’s also considerate to provide your guests with an extra lamp or area light in case they don’t like sleeping in total darkness.

The Living Room

Since this is where most family members gather during the holidays, it’s a good idea to remove any clutter from on top of wall units, coffee table, or entertainment consoles. You should also place a few more throw pillows on your couches to give guests extra comfort.

The Kitchen

This is where you’ll want to worry about safety. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they’ll work in case someone accidentally burns dinner, and flush your garbage disposal so you don’t deal with any messes during the big day.

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