Natural Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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If we asked you what your best way of keeping your home comfortable was throughout the year is, you’d probably say air conditioning, with a little bit of heating thrown in for the short time it actually gets cold. But there’s something else that affects your home’s comfort level that you may be ignoring — your indoor air quality.

If you want to improve your indoor air quality, the right way, do so naturally.

Increase Your Ventilation

Especially when it gets a little chilly outside, you’re likely to seal up your home to keep every ounce of heat inside. However, while that helps keep your home warm, it also makes for dry, stuffy air. And on the opposite end, without proper ventilation, any humidity you produce can create an even more uncomfortable space.

Crack a few windows to get some air flowing, always use your bathroom fan when showering, and turn on your exhaust fan when you’re cooking to get rid of fumes you create while cooking.

Stock Up on House Plants

Houseplants do a great job at naturally filtering and purifying your home’s air. When they pull in carbon dioxide, they also pull in all the VOCs and harmful air particles that could be affecting your air quality. Then, they exhale fresh oxygen for you and your family to breathe in — talk about a double whammy.

Choose Natural Products

Before you go filling your home with scented candles and store-bought air fresheners, consider what’s in those products. Most fragrance items use chemicals to create those scents, which you’ll breathe in when you use them. Instead, use beeswax candles that are all-natural and essential oils to fragrance your home.

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