How to Unclog Someone Else’s Toilet

You’re at a friend’s house and go to use the bathroom. You do your business, go to flush the toilet…and nothing goes down. In fact, the water starts to rise as it swirls around the toilet. Panic starts to set in, and you start floundering about for a way to get rid of the clog and avoid the embarrassment that can come along with the situation.

But have no fear! We can help you unclog that toilet and leave the bathroom as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

How to Unclog Someone Else’s Toilet

Don’t Keep Flushing

You may be tempted to try flushing again — maybe the first time was a fluke — but don’t. If there’s a clog, there’s nowhere for that water and waste to go but up higher in the toilet. If you keep flushing, you’ll just make a bigger mess.

Turn Off the Water Valve

Especially if the water in the bowl is rising toward the rim, reach behind the toilet and turn the water valve knob to the right. That will stop the water from running, so it won’t overflow in the bathroom.

Find a Plunger

You’re going to need a plunger to take care of this. If there isn’t one right next to the toilet, check the cabinets under the sink since that’s a common place to keep one.

Plunge Properly

Don’t just go to town on the toilet bowl — that’ll make a huge mess. You need to plunge the right way.

Establish a Good Connection

Make sure the plunger is at an angle so the cup forms a seal against the bowl. This will create the right amount of suction.

Make the Right Motion

Use a good amount of force and push the plunger up and down — make sure not to break the seal in the meantime. Watch for movement in the bowl that signals the blockage is moving through the pipes.

Flush the Toilet

Once you’re sure the clog is gone, turn the valve back to the left, let the bowl fill with water, and flush it. Rinse the plunger off in the new water and flush the toilet again.

If All Else Fails…

If you can’t find a plunger or you can’t remove the clog, put aside your pride and let your friend know. He or she can offer you a plunger (you should do the dirty work) or call a plumber if the clog is really bad.

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