How to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

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When you’re a parent, you know how important it is to make everything in your home as child-friendly as possible. While that typically means adding child locks to your cabinets and placing baby gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs, have you taken a look at the electrical components around the house?

These are a few ways you should childproof your electrical outlets.

Place Caps on Your Outlets

If you have older outlets, place plastic caps on them to stop your kids from sticking anything into the outlets. Be in mind though: these may work for younger babies, but older children may be able to figure out how to take these off.

Install Sliding Plate Covers

A step up from outlet caps, these use spring-loaded sliding plates over the slots in your outlet. When you plug something in, you slide the plate to match up with the outlet slots, and when you unplug it, the plate automatically slides back over the slots for safety.

Install Tamper-Proof Outlets

Unlike traditional outlets, these have spring-loaded plastic shutters inside the prongs that only go in if both sides are pressed at the same time. This means they will protect your child from danger if he or she tries to stick something in a socket.

Watch Out for Frayed Wires

Check the wires on your electronics regularly to make sure they aren’t frayed or torn. Those wires can easily electrocute your kids, so if any appliances or electronic have damaged wires, replace them.

Block Off Spots with Lots of Wires

Are there spots in your living room that have a lot of things plugged in and, therefore, a lot of wires? Rearrange your furniture a bit to block off that area and make it harder to get to so there’s less of a chance of your kids getting into trouble.

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