Getting Your Home Ready for Vacation

Unplug Electronics

Even when they aren’t on, your electronics still use electricity and energy. If you’re going away, it’s best to unplug them, especially larger ones like your TV.

Turn Off Your Water Main

The last thing you need to come home to after your trip is a water leak, or worse, a flooded basement. Locate and turn off your main water supply to avoid coming back to Typhoon Lagoon in your own home.

Adjust Your Thermostat

There’s no need to have your AC running when you’re not home. Adjust the thermostat to be closer to 80℉ in summer and close to 60℉ in winter. If you’re going on an extended trip, turn on the “hold” function to maintain a steady, energy-efficient temperature.

Get Rid of Perishable Food

Throw out any food that could go bad in your fridge while you’re away, and flush your garbage disposal to get rid of any food scraps that could be clinging to the walls of your pipes. Nobody wants to come home to a funky smell because food started to rot inside the disposal.

Setting Light Timers

You should want to make it seem as if someone is still home, so purchase and install timers on a few fixtures around your home so lights turn on every few hours.

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