5 Scary Ways You Can Electrocute Yourself

Ever since you were a kid, you were taught to keep the hairdryer away from the bathtub and to never put a fork in a toaster. And even though you’ve only got wiser with age, there are a still a few ways you can mess with electricity that could put you in danger. These are some scary ways you’re going to electrocute yourself.

1. You use appliances with frayed wires.

Frayed wires can end up shocking you since the electricity they carry isn’t contained. If you have any appliances with frayed wires, replace them.

2. You touch downed power lines.

Don’t assume that a downed wire is a phone or cable line. Contact with power lines is one of the main causes of electricity-related injuries or death, so steer clear of lines, and let utility companies handle them.

3. You swim outside during a lightning storm.

Water is a huge conductor of electricity, so swimming outside during a lightning storm is basically asking to be electrocuted. If you see lightning strike, just head inside until the storm is over.

4. You touch electronic items with wet hands

While you can still electrocute yourself when your hands are dry, using electronic items with wet hands allows electricity to flow through your body more easily. Before you handle your phone or any appliances, make sure to dry your hands first.

5. You don’t turn the power off before you make home repairs.

Another big cause of electric shock is forgetting to turn off the power when you’re making home repairs. If you’re going to attempt any DIY jobs (even though we advise against it) make certain your power is off first.

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