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Ace Solves It All - Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

Air Conditioning System Inspection

  • Clean condensation line, flush and test. this is very important, since they clog up all the time.
  • Check for float switch & check for proper operation. all systems should have a float switch to protect property from water damage.
  • Inspect cleanliness of evaporator coil and pan in place and apply coil cleaner and pan strip to help keep drain pan and coil clear and clean.
  • Apply protective coating on condensor to protect from the environment
  • Replace customer supplied filter.
  • Clean vegetating dirt around condensor and wash out unit.
  • Oil motors if needed.
  • Check thermostat for accuracy and check battery if needed.
  • Visual inspection of duct work and check for leaks.
  • Test unit in a/c and heat mode.
  • Check supply and return air temperatures.
  • Check amp draws on all motors and systems.
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check all connections and contacts
  • Check all capacitors for proper size and operation.
  • Check float switch for safe operation.
  • Check blower wheel for cleanliness and balance
  • Plumbing Inspection

  • Test all valves in home to make sure they are operational and check for leaks
  • Locate and check main water valve and show homeowner where it is located.
  • Check all drains for leaks, quite often there is a leak which over time can cause a lot of damage.
  • Check washing machine hoses, they are a big source of water leaks in the home and should have stainless braided hoses.
  • Inspect toilet components and change standard flapper(s) in up to two toilets as needed.
  • Check for leaks and do dye test on toilets when requested.
  • Power flush the water heater to get all particles out
  • Check age of water heater and condition.
  • Check anode rod in water heater, as they do not last the life of the water heater and protect the tank.
  • Check garbage disposal for proper operation and check for leaks.
  • If requested, check home's water quality.
  • Electrical Inspection

  • Test all gfi receptacles and arc fault circuits inside and outside.
  • Change batteries and test all smoke detectors.
  • Check all connections in electrical panel and make sure it meets code requirements and is safe.
  • Make sure the proper sized breakers are present, wiring size and manufacturer matches and meets code
  • Test main electrical panel outside for safety
  • Locate main electrical breaker and show homeowner it's location for emergencies
  • Test and inspect all switches.
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